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In addition to sharing blogger templates that you can download for free, we also offer several types of services that you might be able to use if you are interested. The services we offer are.

1. Install Blogger Template Services

This is suitable for those of you who are still not good at installing templates and also for those of you who don't have time to install templates. We offer the best deals at affordable prices $1.5.

2. Services to Create a Blog on Blogger

Now for friends who want to create a blog but don't know how to do it, take it easy we have the solution. We offer services for blogs at very cheap prices $2. This price includes installation of blogger templates (free license) that you want.

3. Download Blogger Template Services

We offer download services for all blogger templates on this blog for all of you. This is suitable for my friends who want to get all the blogger templates on this blog without getting tired of downloading one template at a time. The price we offer for this service is $2.


If you are interested in the services we offer, you can order it through the Contact menu.